Smart Growth for Vernon, CT

There are five wetlands on the proposed Wal-Mart site: A: 0.25 acres, B: 9.26 acres, C: 1.74 acres, D: 0.64 acres, and E: 0.13 acres. Jones brook runs into wetlands C.

W/S Development Associates LLC has proposed treating storm water runoff with Vortechnics units before discharged water into the wetlands.

Protection of the wetlands depends on correct design, sizing, installation and maintenance of the high-tech Vortechnics units. Unfortunately, it appears that the Vortechnics units have been designed as the primary treatment system, while recommended practice calls for a natural filtration bed to be the primary treatment system.

The wetlands application was reviewed by Marc Goodin, an engineer hired by interveners Glenn Montigny and Norma Marchesani. Upon reviewing reviewed W/S Development's wetlands application, Goodin said the application is "full of deficiencies and errors."

Wal-Mart is about its shareholders, who hold over $200 billion in stock. Wal-Mart is not about Vernon.