Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
Vernon PZC postpones Capstone hearing

By Suzanne Carlson
Journal Inquirer
Published: Friday, January 21, 2011 3:06 PM EST

VERNON — The public hearing for Capstone Builders’ application to construct a 16-lot single-family subdivision off Grier Road has been continued to Feb. 3.

A public hearing that opened at the Planning and Zoning Commission’s meeting on Jan. 13, was scheduled to resume Thursday, but a delay in finalizing site plans for the project prevented town staff from reviewing the documents before the meeting, according to Town Planner Leonard K. Tundermann.

Revised site plans for the proposal, which include changes to the development’s sewer system, are now available for viewing by the public in the town planner’s office in Town Hall.

Anchorage Road resident Janine P. Gelineau has been accepted by the PZC as an intervenor in the application, and will be given an opportunity to present evidence that the development would harm the surrounding environment, including nearby Bolton Lakes.

Other residents also are expected to speak in opposition to the proposal, which was submitted after a similar application died in litigation after being rejected by the Inland Wetlands Commission in 2006 and again by the PZC in April 2007.

Tundermann said the deadline to close the public hearing is Feb. 17, but the PZC could vote to extend the public hearing to subsequent meetings with the consent of the applicant.

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