Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
Democrats, Republicans endorse committee members

By Journal Inquirer Staff
January 17, 2008

VERNON — Both the Democrats and Republicans endorsed members to their town committees at last week's caucuses, to serve two-year terms.

"It was a unanimous vote by acclamation," Democratic Town Chairman Tom DiDio said. "We are very pleased with the base of returning members as well as a group of new citizens who wish to be active in service to the town of Vernon ." Republican Town Committee Chairman Harold Cummings said the local Republicans also had an infusion of new blood, but lost one special member to retirement.

Norman Strong, age 90, a dedicated member of the committee for 60 years, was appointed member emeritus. His "great wisdom and sage advice has always been appreciated," Cummings said.

Officers for the two committees will be chosen in the spring.

Endorsed Democratic Town Committee members are: Lester J. Baum, Judith A. Beaudreau, Martin B. Burke, Amarjit S. Buttar, Edith L. Chernack, Lance M. Chernack, Thomasina Clemons, Gloria A. Collins, Joseph D. Courtney, Edward J. Daly, Elizabeth L. Daly, Helena M. Daly, Margaret A. Daly, William M. Dauphin, Thomas A. DiDio, Gail P. Faherty, Bill Fox, Diana J. Gagne, Marie A. Herbst, Paul E. Herbst, David H. Herrmann, Leonard Jacobs, Claire L. Janowski, George L. Males, Ellen L. Marmer, Robert R. Marquis, Ann M. Guillet Morency, Chester W. Morgan, Michael F. Murray, David J. Norman, Mary A. Oliver, Nicholas Pawluk, Timothy J. Poloski, Pauline A. Schaefer, Paul M. Shimer, Connie Simon, Paul M. Stansel, James P. Swicklas, Robin Taylor, Steve Taylor, John D. Ward, Michael A. Winkler, Phyllis Winkler.

Republican Town Committee members are: Juanita L. Bair, Samuel G. Blonstein, William E. Breslau, William F. Campbell, Daniel Champagne, Christopher Crowne, Harold R. Cummings, Jonathan M. Dodge, Mark S. Etre, Anne H. Fischer, Bill Francis, Gordon F. Gibson, Joe Grabinski, Nancy Herold, James M. Hoover, Dean A. Houle, Robert B. Hurd, Peggy A. Jackle, David G. Kemp, John Kopec, Robert J. Lajoie, John P. Leary, Richard A. Levitsky, Richard Madden, Jason L. McCoy, Walter Mealy, M. Lisa Moody, Brian R. Motola, Carol S. Nelson, Patricia A. Noblet, Nancy Osborn, O. James Purnell, Catherine A. Rebai, Richard C. Risley, Vicky Rispoli, Jeffrey M. Rogala, Andrew J. Rogala, Rudolph Rossmy, Vincent H. Shaheen, Carole M. Slattery, Edward C. Slattery, Herbert H. Slicer, James R. Tedford, Christy N. Vale, Steven L. Wakefield, Robert F. Warner, Linda R. Welles, Diane Wheelock, Roger D. Wiley.