Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
Rockville Downtown Association

Out & About

Irena Pastorello / Journal Inquirer
March 10, 2005

David Lee, Jeff Schambach
Jeff Hutton, Brian Motola
Liz Stevenson, Debbie Reynolds
Ardis Abbott, Bill Breslau; Luise Craige, Donna Roy
Robert Hurd, Claire Janowski
Deb Wilson, June Saich; Stephen Marcham, Eugene Slaknowski

1. DAVID LEE, at left, is project coordinator for the vintage-style street signs for downtown Rockville. JEFF SCHAMBACH, of the Vernon Public Works Department, with his crew erected the signs.

2. JEFF HUTTON, left, of the Rockville Downtown Association design committee, and BRIAN MOTOLA, owner of the Loom City Creamery.

3. Connecticut Main Street Awards were presented to Volunteer of the Year DEBBIE REYNOLDS, right, and Member of the Year LIZ STEVENSON.

4. BILL BRESLAU, a member of the board of directors for the Rockville Downtown Association, and ARDIS ABBOTT, Vernon's municipal historian.

5. Rockville Downtown Association Executive Director LUISE CRAIGE, left, and DONNA ROY, a Rockville Downtown Association member and employee of Rockville General Hospital.

6. Former state Rep. ROBERT HURD and state Rep. CLAIRE JANOWSKI.

7. Vernon residents JANE SAICH, right, and DEB WILSON.

8. Rockville Downtown Association outgoing president STEPHEN MARCHAM, left, and probable incoming president EUGENE SLAKNOWSKI.

9. Shown from left to right are BRYAN FLINT, immediate past president of the Rockville Downtown Association, SHIRLEY LANZ of Vernon, and WILLIAM MCGURK. president and chief executive officer of Rockville Bank.

10. Vernon Town Administrator LARRY SHAFFER and Mayor ELLEN MARMER.

Bryan Flint, Shirley Lanz, William McGurk Larry Shaffer, Ellen Marmer