Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
Letters to the editor

Feb 20 Observations on land deal
Jan  7 New Year's wish for Vernon
Jan  4 McCoy deserved compensation
Jan  3 CL&P's violation of duties led to special compensation
Dec 30 McCoy’s overtime pay
Sep 20 Questions about the contract
Sep 12 Mayor’s zoning move troubling
Aug  9 Finding common ground will lead Vernon forward
Jul  1 Mayor’s bewildering behavior
Jun 29 Imagine that, Vernon: $218,000 in cost reductions
Jun 28 Mayor’s behavior inappropriate
Jun 16 McCoy’s comments
Mar  7 Vernon rules
Mar  1 McCoy’s lack of openness
Feb 22 Pondering Vernon council meetings
Dec 20 Birthing center decision
Dec  4 ’Tis the (campaign) season already
Dec  3 Working for themselves or us?
Nov 29 Impatient McCoy
Nov 13 The problem with 22a-19
Mar 15 Bad business for Vernon
Dec 28 Mayor’s inappropriate remarks
Dec  2 When in doubt, give info out
Dec  1 Vernon’s new dictatorship
Nov 30 McCoy, Kleinhans, and the council
Sep 18 The ‘Friends of Jason’
Aug  7 Dems in Vernon win one for public
Aug  5 Sacrificed by McCoy
Aug  4 McCoy and his cronies
May 11 Volunteer outfit
May  2 McCoy looking out for taxpayers
Apr 22 Mayor McCoy: What have you done for us lately?
Oct 20 McCoy and the minutes
Oct 13 Signing off on McCain
Sep 13 'As mayor of Vernon, I take my duties seriously'
Sep  6 Town's future endangered by cronyism
Aug 20 Stability lost
Aug 19 Heralding Herold for speaking out
Aug 14 McCoy needs a lesson in ethics
Apr 24 Vernon and the CRRA
Apr 23 The price of ‘progress’ in Vernon
Mar 31 Energy critique fuels dissent
Mar 28 McCoy off the mark
Mar 25 McCoy’s energy waste
Mar 17 The wrong message
Mar 14 Missing info on McCoy
Feb 26 Big trouble for small towns
Dec  6 Unsettling Home Depot settlement
Nov 17 Proposed Home Depot settlement is an outrage
Nov 13 Still passionate about Vernon
Oct 16 Marmer and projects
Sep  8 Negative on Vernon?
May 28 Judicial overreach?
May  7 Fixing a flaw in the process
Apr 30 PUP Project
Apr 28 A store for Stafford (Stafford)
Apr 27 The Ed Board and the budget
Feb  6 Issues with Wal-Mart (Ellington)
Jan 12 Rell's health care Band-Aid
Dec 29 Is Rockville friendly to family businesses today?
Dec 15 Vernon political gamesmanship
Dec 11 Separate the commissions (Manchester)
Dec  7 Trails and tribulation
Dec  5 Behind the scenes of the PZC
Dec  4 World-class state transportation plan won't neglect local needs
Aug 11 Earth warms, leaders freeze
Jul 21 Civic-minded MLCT
Jul  8 Path for the public good
Jun 30 Town budgets and state funding
Apr 22 Community-owned store
Apr 21 Study all alternatives for Vernon rec facility
Apr 11 Make them pay their fair share
Apr 10 No guarantees with YMCA
Apr  4 Panel puts Mother Earth first
Mar 31 Elected to make tough calls
Mar 29 Options already studied
Mar 17 Patrizz settlement begs questions
Mar  7 Stafford zoning future
Jan 27 They made their community a better place
Jan 17 Wetlands panel loses expertise
Jan 16 Re-evaluate GOP objectivity
Jan  9 Proven concern for Vernon
Jan  4 Who is qualified to serve?
Dec 30 GOP not wetland-friendly?
Dec 30 2-Party Government, Not Patronage
Dec 27 Adding to the blight problem
Aug 17 Marmer's prescription for Vernon
Aug 11 Would he be a walk-out mayor?
Jul   2 'Open space' shouldn't include parking lots