Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
Observations on land deal

Letters to the Editor
Journal Inquirer
February 20, 2012

I read with great interest “Vernon officials did nothing wrong” (Feb. 14). This was a story about a botched land deal involving business partners Robert Kleinhans and former Mayor Jason McCoy.

Kleinhans goes into great detail explaining the time frame and events of this land deal at 366 Lake St. The then Zoning Enforcement Officer Abraham Ford felt that Kleinhans and McCoy acted improperly, illegally splitting the lot at 366 Lake St. from one lot into two, thus violating town zoning regulations. Ford, in fact, went to the Assistant Town Attorney Susan Boyan to seek her legal advice. Boyan advised Ford that the second lot “does not comply with current zoning regulations … a building permit cannot be issued.”

I have two observations:

1) McCoy is an attorney. Why didn’t he explain this himself, instead of having his crony Kleinhans do so?

2) Kleinhans briefly discusses that Boyan agreed with Ford, but adds she didn’t take into account that three different town officials had looked at this “plan” and approved it. If that doesn’t sound like a attorney talking what does? Anyone else think Kleinhans was coached? Raise your hand.

Finally McCoy plays the crybaby game again, stating that Ford’s claims are false and reporting about them has harmed his professional reputation.

Well Mr. McCoy, what about a dedicated town employee’s reputation? You know, the guy you blackballed, Mr. Ford?

Once again: If its looks like a snake and crawls like a snake, it is a snake.

Earl Leighton