Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
McCoy’s lack of openness

Letters to the Editor
Journal Inquirer
March 1, 2011

In a recent article about Vernon’s grand list (Feb. 21), Mayor Jason McCoy said all of the town information must go through him “because that’s the policy and everything goes through me.”

Later in the article McCoy said it is his right as mayor to dictate who the town employees may speak to and what they are allowed to say. He ended the interview by hanging up.

These words tell us that there is a gag order on all town employees whose experience and knowledge should be utilized to answer any and all requests by citizens.

We, the minority, in the council have also been tagged. We request information and the response is either delayed or forces us to request information under the rules of the Freedom of Information Act.

Civility, trust, and open government are words not practiced by McCoy. His own words clearly state the manner in which his administration has and will continue to run our community.

Marie Herbst, Mike Winkler, Polly Schaefer, James Krupienski

Herbst, Winkler, and Schaefer are Democratic members of the Town Council; Krupienski is an unaffiliated member.