Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
’Tis the (campaign) season already

Letters to the Editor
Journal Inquirer
December 4, 2010

If I didn’t know that the recent election was over by the silence of my home phone, I do now. And if I didn’t know that the election was over by the sight of my mailbox standing straight up again, I do now. And if I didn’t know that the next election, though 11 months away, will be for our local officials, I certainly do now.

Vernon Democratic Councilman Michael Winkler has decided that four weeks is long enough for us to think about other things like family and Thanksgiving and the coming holidays. He has decided to fire the first shot with his “Impatient McCoy” letter in the Journal Inquirer (Nov. 29).

I’m not sure if Winkler plans on running for mayor himself or just wants to begin the smear campaign against Mayor Jason McCoy, but the modus operandi is predictable.

Winkler rants on about McCoy wanting to poison your water, bring a toxic waste dump to Vernon, and even blames him for the loss of the birthing center at Rockville Hospital, although that was put in motion by a vote in the state legislature — a vote that state Rep. Claire Janowski either supported or didn’t bother to read.

I’m surprised that Winkler didn’t accuse McCoy of doing away with Social Security, closing your kids’ schools, and throwing grandma into the street. But, heck, there’s plenty of time left for him to get really negative.

John K. Anderson