Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
McCoy looking out for taxpayers

Letters to the Editor
Journal Inquirer
May 2, 2009e

This is in response to “Mayor McCoy: What have you done for us lately?” (Reader's Forum by Edie Chernack, April 28). Volunteering to serve the town is a great responsibility and people who do this should be thanked. Unfortunately, some people obviously do not understand the role of a commissioner on a land-use board or commission.

Vernon land-use boards and commissions should not be used by individuals to further personal agendas or political careers. People who serve should not have a predetermined position on a land-use application (anti-development or pro). This leads to unfair treatment of applicants, which in turn leads to costly lawsuits against the town.

A good mayor knows this and will not appoint this type of person. The role of a commissioner on any land- use board is to remain open-minded and to not have a predetermined position before the evidence is submitted. A commissioner's vote should be based on information gathered during the application hearing process and how the information conforms to the Planning and Zoning regulations. The Vernon Code of Ethics states that public office should not be used for personal gain and no official shall use information acquired in the course of his or her public duties to advance the financial or other private interest of themselves or any other.

Mayor Jason McCoy is looking out for the best interest of Vernon taxpayers by not allowing these people on our land-use boards and commissions to further their own personal agendas or for political gain.

Thank you, Mayor McCoy, for not buckling under the bullying tactics of Edie Chernack and standing firm in protecting Vernon residents from future lawsuits.

Mark St. Germain