Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
Stability lost

Letters to the Editor
Journal Inquirer
August 20, 2008

The Journal Inquirer is right to sound the alarm regarding Vernon town government (“Vernon politics: A need for stability and maturity,” Aug. 12), and to criticize the immaturity and lack of professionalism demonstrated by the McCoy administration’s pattern of cronyism, especially evident in its recent controversial appointments.

But both parties are not to blame for the town’s lack of mature stability in government: Democrat Ellen Marmer, the first to be re-elected for a second term as mayor in more than a decade, had a strong commitment to building Vernon’s public infrastructure and tax base, as the JI editorialized during last fall’s campaign. A third Marmer term would have gone a long way toward bringing Vernon the sort of institutional stability the JI is calling for, especially if supported by the talented team Democrats offered for Town Council and Board of Education.

But instead we chose to listen to vague promises of lower taxes, and ended up with an administration that has provided dubious appointments, embarrassing public gaffes, misguided proposals (e.g., the public drinking ordinance), and missed opportunities (e.g., the loss of the intermodal transportation center).

Vernon voters got what we were willing to pay for last November; I trust we’ll make a wiser choice when next November rolls around.

Bill Dauphin