Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
McCoy’s energy waste

Letters to the Editor
Journal Inquirer
March 25, 2008

As pleased as I am that the town of Vernon is looking at ways to cut down on energy use, I have to wonder how Mayor Jason McCoy’s public stance squares with his own actions.

It is my understanding that during the current budget process McCoy has demanded that town employees travel to his personal law office to conduct town business. These meetings often involved more than one employee.

Think of both the man-hours lost and the energy used to travel to and from the mayor’s private office. Apparently McCoy’s time is just too valuable to actually conduct town business in the Town Hall.

And now he is going to threaten employees with termination for not conserving energy but at the same time force them to use more resources for his convenience?

Perhaps the mayor should consider practicing what he preaches.

Paul Stansel