Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
Negative on Vernon?

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September 8, 2007

As a resident of and practicing pediatrician in Vernon for 38 years, l find Chris Powell's column "What Vernon needs isn't a music museum" (Aug. 31) insulting to all Vernon residents.

Powell is using his position at the Journal Inquirer to express his view of Vernon. He has no insight into or knowledge of the people of this community. Vernon is diverse with numerous talented, gifted individuals who work for this town's improvement.

For Powell to criticize citizens attempting to serve our town is abhorrent. Perhaps he should seek therapy to channel his vindictiveness in a more beneficial manner.

Harold O. Shapiro

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I was very upset with the tone, the message, and why Chris Powell thought he needed to state any position at all about Vernon's need for a music museum. Who asked him? What is his real motivation here? And why does he equate this effort to a town's administration?

This stinks of political sabotage, not real concern for the town of Vernon. He seems to have nothing good to say about Vernon at all. I hope several residents take offense to his awful presentation and especially the political tone of it.

Why does this issue have to become a political football? This is supposed to be about honoring a local "hero" and doing something nice for our community to give people pride in its heritage. Why can't we just promote the good will of this effort and set aside politics for now? This small group of purely volunteer citizens has spent hundreds of tireless hours to commemorate Gene Pitney's life and contributions, and the museum would be an excellent place to start.

It is too bad that a managing editor takes it upon himself to try to desecrate the effort, and thus the man. I am incensed that Powell chose to stage a one-man rally against our town with such partisan disregard for the people and families he hurts in the process. Pitney's family doesn't need to read that the Journal Inquirer is opposed to a museum in his honor.

Powell's column was totally irresponsible and just plain unfair to the volunteers who are working so hard to make something nice happen in Rockville.

Cliff Edwards

The writer is a member of the Bicentennial and Gene Pitney Commemorative committees.