Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
Judicial overreach?

The Reader's Forum
Journal Inquirer
May 28, 2007

As a Vernon resident who attended numerous public hearings regarding land use at exit 67 off Interstate 84, I find the recent decision by Judge Lawrence Klaczak incomprehensible.

I observed throughout the hearing process that members of the Vernon Inland Wetlands Commission demonstrated fair-mindedness, integrity, and thoughtful deliberation. The trend by corporations to attack local decisions against them in court is a calculated policy that allows the corporation to make its case to a judge unfamiliar with the specific needs of the town, while at the same time cause economic hardship to the town due to litigation costs. It is obvious which party benefits in this scenario.

The decision by Klaczak to order the immediate issue of a permit to Home Depot rather than to provide guidance to the IWC indicates an arbitrary dismissal of the diligent work done by an excellent commission.

I encourage the IWC to appeal this unfair and overreaching decision.

Mary Croce Fish