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April 28, 2007

"Stafford Outfitters" is the name of the new store coming to Stafford - and it's not just any store.

What makes this store so unique and special? It will be owned by you. Ownership shares will be purchased by residents and businesses in the local and surrounding area. You will have direct involvement with making the store a success. You will also be part of history, as this will be the first community-owned store ever in Connecticut.

Why should you care? As shoppers at this establishment, you will add vitality to the local economy, bolstering the tax base that lessens dependence on individual property taxes. As owners, you will enable profits to be reinvested in your town's economy rather than siphoned to a distant corporate headquarter. As local owners with local management, you can focus on providing the best care and service to fellow residents and offer local employment at a living wage. As Stafford citizens, you will have a store to be proud of that supports our community in many ways. Stafford Outfitters will be a vibrant thread in the weave of economic and social community in Stafford.

What will Stafford Outfitters sell? Men's, women's, and children's apparel and shoes, with a subset of housewares. This will be determined by customer demand and will complement items supplied by other local businesses.

Where will Stafford Outfitters be located? There are a number of possible locations. We are evaluating and weighing factors to make the store a success, including: lease costs, traffic flow, visibility, renovation costs, and, most importantly, parking.

When will Stafford Outfitters be open for business? A conservative estimate is spring 2008.

How can you help to get Stafford Outfitters open for business? We need your support. Spread the word; talk to everyone you know about Stafford Outfitters.

If you can, please help with a financial donation to finish the business-planning phase. Tax-deductible donations (payable to CDI) can be sent to SCOSP, P.O. Box 457, Stafford Springs, CT 06076. Maybe you have a few available hours to join a sub-committee? Please contact Nancy Neff, co-chairwoman, at

Nancy Neff
Stafford Springs

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