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Earth warms, leaders freeze

Journal Inquirer
August 11, 2006

The dictionary defines disaster as sudden or great misfortune, calamity. The major question confronting America and the entire globe today is severe warming of our beautiful planet Earth, and foreshadowing the future existence of major portions of Earth.

The dire predictions of the majority of the scientific community believe that this world is facing a major catastrophe not seen in millions of years.

Our leaders in Washington have adopted an ostrich-like demeanor in response to these world-renowned scientists and stuck their pointy-heads into a hole.

Those of us from World War II era can remember snowstorms of major proportions starting in November and ending in April, and ice skating on frozen ponds all winter. But the major concern today seems to be the price of gasoline to push our cars. This concern pales in comparison to the severe global warming predicted by the scientific community and weather experts.

We discount the findings of these scientists at our own peril. God endowed us with a pristine world. I fear we are on a downhill roller coaster ride to undo the master plan. It is not too late to slow down and stop this downhill roller-coaster ride and prevent an irreversible risk to the future of human life.

Government weather records show America in recent years has been sweltering through three times more than its normal share of extra-hot summer nights, a dangerous trend.

"This is unbelievable," meteorologist Richard Helm said. "Something strange has happened in the last 10 to 15 years."

We are witnessing a worldwide calamity not seen in millions of years. Satellite data reveals aerosol pollution may also contribute to this warming trend. It does not take a leap of imagination to realize that something drastic must be done.

Congress has been strangely silent or in slumber time.

Wake up: The clock is ticking. Congress' failure to act in a timely fashion constitutes a crime that goes beyond denunciation.

Edward J. Wilson

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