Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
Panel puts Mother Earth first

Journal Inquirer
April 4, 2006

Vernon Inland Wetlands Commission members have again shown that they deserve the award for being the most conscientious Inland Wetlands Commission in the state.

During the last year, they have been listening to information for an 18-home development in the Bolton Lakes Region. The neighborhood organized in opposition because of concerns about how a development of this size would affect the area's naturally high water table and well water, the wetlands, and lakes. The argument was that the land is not able to sustain a subdivision and the water problems it would cause.

All the commission members walked the property and, based on what they saw and the conflicting evidence, they voted to deny the application.

It would have been too easy for them to do the easy thing and vote for approval. We see so many towns in Connecticut where developers seem to rule. They literally bulldoze their way through.

My hat is off to the Vernon IWC. Members stood their ground and made a tough call. I can see why they earned the award from the state. They are putting our little piece of Mother Earth first, and reminded us that we need to take good care of her so she can continue to take care of us.

Edie Chernack