Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
Elected to make tough calls

Journal Inquirer
March 31, 2006

I invite Roger V. Pelizari to resign immediately from the Stafford Planning and Zoning Commission. Commissioner Daniel C. Ford also should consider resigning. By calling for a referendum on retail development rules (Journal Inquirer, March 23) these commissioners declared that they are neither competent nor willing to carry out duties for which they were elected. PZC commissioners are elected, as are all elected officials, to make decisions on behalf of townspeople.

Putting any difficult issue to a vote makes a mockery of the notion of representative government. Where would it end? If there is a referendum on retail space today, why not a referendum on the length of cul-de-sac streets tomorrow? Besides, what guidance would the PZC get if many electors chose to express displeasure, at the waste of money incurred by a referendum, by simply not voting? A boycott of a referendum would surely defeat its intended purpose.

Stafford needs commissioners who are able and willing to bring their experience and best judgment to bear on contentious issues.

Joseph Cavanagh
Stafford Springs

EDITOR'S NOTE: The PZC voted on retail development rules earlier this week.