Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
Proven concern for Vernon

Journal Inquirer
January 9, 2006

There has been a recent series of articles and letters on the denial of Jane Seymour's reappointment to the Inland Wetlands Commission and Terri Goldich to the Planning and Zoning Commission. In fact they were even called "political" reappointments with a negative spin on the word "political." In a recent letter to the Journal Inquirer, Republican Councilwoman Christy N. Vale wrote that the Republicans voted against them because they were "perceived to have a conflict of interest." The questions are: Who were these conflicts with? Shouldn't the council deal with facts rather than "perceptions"?

Seymour and Goldich have continually and consistently proven their knowledge by their previous work on these commissions and demonstrate great concern for our town.

The Vernon Democratic Party has continually and consistency supported the protection of our neighborhoods and our environment. That is why we need people like Seymour and Goldich on our boards and commissions. This is not "political"; it is what is right for Vernon.

Tom DiDio

The writer is a former Democrat on the Town Council.