Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
Who is qualified to serve?

Journal Inquirer
January 4, 2006

The recent rejection of two appointees, as covered by the Journal Inquirer, Jane Seymour (Inland Wetlands Commission) and Terri Goldich (Planning and Zoning Commission) by the Vernon Town Council, leads me to question just who is qualified to serve our town as a commission member?

With the increasing complexity of applications over the past three years, more time is spent studying the issues of sustainable growth and the environment, as well as recent court decisions that affect the town. Consequently, extra preparation is needed and commission members frequently attend workshops and seminars on their own time. Both appointees have shown a depth of knowledge in their respective subject areas, and have demonstrated their ability to make intelligent and thoughtful decisions.

To what standard of knowledge are they being compared? What makes them "unqualified" to serve their community in their capacity as commission members? Are they being punished for their party, or non-party, affiliation?

The Vernon Town Council members who voted down these two appointments have done a great disservice to us all. The names of these candidates should be resubmitted for consideration. If they are not qualified to serve, then who is?

Deb Wilson