Smart Growth for Vernon, CT
Marmer's prescription for Vernon

The Reader's Forum
Journal Inquirer
August 17, 2005

Ellen Marmer is running for re-election as Vernon mayor against Republican Bob Kleinhans in November.

In less than 20 months, Marmer has erased the Wheelock administration's $800,000 deficit and turned it into a surplus — even without the one-time Anthem money Wheelock used. During the Marmer administration, responsible development, such as the new Price Chopper and the return of Chowdertown to Vernon, has been embraced, resulting in a 2.5 percent increase to Vernon's grand list. Marmer, with low tax increases compared to her Republican predecessor, is working daily to improve our schools, our roads, and our quality of life.

Kleinhans' policies are yesterday's approach. It is not smart policy to let our roads go to ruin and our schools fall out of shape. Kleinhans says we need to get back to "bipartisanship." I agree. However, Kleinhans record leaves something to be desired. On election night in 2003, Kleinhans said Democrats won by "lying." He repeated this statement earlier this summer. Less than two months after Marmer's victory,

Kleinhans' antics have even sparked opposition from well-respected local Republican activists. Jeff Talbot, a former Republican town councilman, criticized Kleinhans' conflicts of interest. Morgan Campbell, a 50-year veteran of Vernon's Republican Town Committee, said he could not recall a candidate less suitable to be mayor than Kleinhans.

I'm voting for Marmer because she took a stand on big box development when it mattered most, cut Vernon's deficit, and passed bonding projects to improve our quality of life. Dr. Marmer's prescription for Vernon is one of bipartisanship and honesty and progress.

All Ellen Marmer wants is for all of us to move Vernon forward together. By putting community first, she has earned my vote.

David J. Norman